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Hydrate your skin well

Intro Acne which a layman pronounces as pimples is a disease of pilosebaceous glands or in simple terms a disease of oil gland and hair follicle unit. These glands are in abundance on face, chest and back hence we get pimples on these areas. Normally hair follicle opens on our skin through which oil also comes out, but in acne prone individuals there is blockage of hair follicle due to some reasons hence the oil doesn't come out and later on gets infected with a bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes. Acne is a disease of adolescents hence it is very common in 15-25 yrs age group, after it resolves on its own. As pimples are present on face it can lead to low confidence and less outing from house, therefore a healthy skin boost your confidence and performance. It can lead to hyperpigmentation also. Later on it can lead to scar formation and in worst cases facial atrophy. Symptoms Pimples start as black heads and white heads on face or in common terms as black pores. Later there can be red bumps or papules, pustules. In severe cases there can be nodules and cysts or in common terms they can have large pus filled abscesses. These can be painful itchy at can be asymptomatic. Early treatment is required in cases of severe disease, please consult your dermatologist about it. Risk factors People with oily skin Females with hormonal imbalance Females with PCOD Certain medications like steroids Oil based cosmetics as these clog pores of skin Myths People who eat oily food People who drink milk That it spreads from each other Prevention Cleanse your face twice daily with a prescribed face wash Regular exercise Hydrate your skin well Don't rub your pimples And remember always consult your dermatologist because they understand you and your disease well.

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